About the Market

About Us

Drawing top notch producers from the National Capital region, the market connects you with the people who grow your food.

Starting in our own backyard, we are working to expand the market-share of sustainably-produced food and products.  This includes local, organic and fairly traded food, plants and artisanal goods.   We believe there are environmental, social and economic benefits to purchasing local food.

Initiated as a Sustainable Living Ottawa East pilot project in 2007 the market is entering its 10th full season and has become a pillar in the Old Ottawa East Community.  With the initial support of St. Paul’s University and then the Canadian Museum of Nature during Main St. Renewal construction, our new home is back on Main St. for 2017.

Click here for  brochure “All About the Main Farmers’ Market”

How we work:

A community- board provides direction and support, while our Market Manager, Dave Coyne takes care of daily operations.   Meeting regularly with vendors and surveying the public ensures a fit for both residents and local producers.

The success of the market depends on:

  • Dedicated volunteers who keep our market alive.
  • A rural partnerships grant from the City of Ottawa.
  • The generous support of The Green Door for allowing use of the parking lot for the market.

Press releases and other media

Press release March 2015

Press release May 2011


The Main Farmers’ Market Team

Our market manager is Dave Coyne, who works closely with our original market manager Greer Knox.


The Main Farmers’ Market Board

Sue Cavanaugh Chair
Susan Young- Eric Audet Vice-Chair
Cynthia Dwyer Treasurer
Jamie Brougham Secretary
Board Members
David Schubert Board Member
Christine Irvine Board Member
Christine McIntyre Board Member
Rebecca Aird Board Member-Non-voting